Portal and Management Console

Login to view a wide variety of data and insights about alerts, vulnerabilities, and more.

novaSOC's security management console provides a central management area for serving your needs to keep you and your customers secure.

Full visibility user portal

Managed security services such as novaSOC are a fast-growing market. It's enabling small and medium businesses to have better control over their security without the hefty price tag.

novaSOC's management console offers high visibility into endpoint specifications, activity, events, agent and health, software inventory versions, and more. It allows us to know what specific activities the endpoint is doing or having done to it.

The novaSOC Management Console

novaSOC's security management console provides a central management area for serving your needs to keep you and your customers secure.

From its robust architecture to the intuitive cloud-based SaaS user interface, the console provides all the resources and tools needed. Beyond the basics comes packed with features and is built to be multitenant out of the box

Scripted Agent Install

Getting up and running with novaSOC has been made quick and easy. You begin with its Lightweight Endpoint Agent available for Windows, Mac, and Linux in a simple to install script that downloads the latest version with everything you need.

User Management

Every user created can be customized with specific rights able to see only what they require for their role and nothing more. The roles available are predefined per customer, but other roles can be added by contacting support.

What's Built-in

Aside from many product integrations for products, you may already use, such as Sentinel One, Azure AD, and ConnectWise, among others, novaSOC's Management Console has a lot built-in to it. The console is broken into several specific areas such as Ticketing, Reporting, and Research before going into administrative level functions.


When incident alerts are generated, or your analyst submits an issue, a ticket is generated. The novaSOC Management Console provides an overview of tickets opened broken into three areas. These include Tickets by Month, Tickets by Type, and Tickets by Customer that give you a bird's eye view of what's going on at any given time.


Reporting is essential for your business, and the novaSOC Management Console has this covered for you. Report options offer up a few standard types, with custom reports available for those who want a deeper dive.

  • KPI Report – The KPI report provides essential information for management.
  • All Alerts – includes the number of tickets, but not based on a timeframe.
  • Analytics -
  • Reporting – Provides several specific templates that include reports by month, vulnerabilities, file access, failed logins, and others.

The Research area of the console permits analysts access to find information on the latest threats, vulnerabilities and more:

  • Threat Intel Research
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Knowledge Base

    These areas help to resolve any security issue that may arise and provide excellent remediation guidance when needed.


    The novaSOC Management Console comes loaded with popular tools ready to be integrated. What's more, these integrations are bidirectional. If an alert is issued in one integration, it will generate ticketing in the case management in the console. The console will also create the ticket in your PSA tooling where you need it created and mapped per customer.

    Segmentation and Grouping

    The novaSOC Management Console enables you to segment customers and users in many ways. By location

    Easy to Use Management

    novaSOC's SaaS cloud-based console lets you provide the best customer support while reducing training costs for your agents. A tree-based viewpoint gives an intuitive display for viewing and editing customers, gateways, security policies, and VPN communities.

    Automatic Incident Reporting

    novaSOC runs 24/7 to ensure all your endpoints are safe. When suspicious activity occurs, an automatic incident report is generated. Depending on the severity, our analysts will review and get in touch when needed with remediation guidance.

    novaSOC for Your Business

    No one gets security better than novaSOC by Novacoast. It makes the process of deploying security and management integration quick and easy. What's more, novaSOC helps you to streamline security while lowering the costs and time needed.