Who is novaSOC for?

novaSOC was designed for the MSP to fill a gap in attainable, effective, high quality security tooling.

novaSOC began as a solution for small and medium businesses with few options when it came to cybersecurity. It combines monitoring technology with expert analysts to offer true enterprise-grade security operations that catch threats in real-time and at a reasonable price.

Who is novaSOC for?

novaSOC came from a glaring gap in security coverage that no software or service provider was fulfilling. Besides, there were no affordable options for small and medium businesses.

No combination of endpoint protection or antivirus software could do what a Security Operations Center (SOC) does in monitoring and response.

Is novaSOC Right for Your Business?

Many things bring businesses to novaSOC, whether it’s an affordable SOC solution, finding a new SOC provider, or a new MSSP looking to support its clients. No matter the question, novaSOC has the answer.

At novaSOC, every business, big or small, finds enterprise-grade security operations software that is affordable.