Managed Service Providers

novaSOC is an ideal solution for MSPs who need affordable and effective SOC services.

With so many security software providers introducing SOCaaS (Security Operations Center) as a Service for MSPs and MSSPs, there are many choices in the wild, and finding the right one for your business is challenging. Most MSPs can’t afford to build out their own SOCs. Besides, most established MSSPs seek to automate and scale their cybersecurity business practices.

What is novaSOC?

novaSOC is a cloud-based, virtual Security Operations Center. It empowers MSPs to offer enterprise-grade security monitoring, known as SOCaaS. Besides, it is an easy and affordable alternative to having your own SOC and includes all the robust features you need.

Built for Managed Services Providers

At its core, novaSOC was built as a response to the security difficulties faced by enterprises. It is made of tools used by global enterprises and has been made available to the MSP and MSSP community and their customers.

Components of the novaSOC system:

  • Antivirus/malware Detection – detects and blocks known viruses and malware
  • Endpoint Detect and Response (EDR) – Advanced threat detection to root out malicious activity
  • Vulnerability Management – Know vulnerability reporting with severity (monthly)
  • Sandboxing – Testing of unknown executables to determine if they are malicious
  • SIEM Logging – The capability to send all security logs to a central log repository for review
  • Security Event Ticketing – Get alerts in a security focuses ticketing solution

What’s more, novaSOC is fully hosted, it handles all the risk management, does active threat hunting, reports on all the vulnerability management, pulls in EDR data in addition to other data components, works with customers on Incident Reporting & Remediation, and is 24/7.

novaSOC for MSPs

As an MSP you know that detection and response needs substantial manpower, expertise and resources. Often MSPs don’t have a security team dedicated to these tasks and just don’t have the skillset or time to conduct threat hunting, or threat investigations. novaSOC can help your MSP business scale security services easily and without additional infrastructures.