Mulifactor Authentication

Mulifactor authentication is standard for novaSOC users.

novaSOC supports MFA by default for user authentication to the portal.

Multifactor Authentication

Accessing the novaSOC portal requires a higher level of security known as multifactor authentication (MFA). It ensures that cybercriminals can't access your private business information or gain access to your customers.

These days most businesses have moved to using some form of multifactor authentication (MFA). If your small and medium-sized business (SMB) clients have moved to the cloud but haven't implemented MFA, it is a security risk that can have far-reaching impacts.

How Does Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Work?

Multifactor Authentication boosts security by adding a layer of protection to the sign-in process. This means your analysts and customers are required to provide additional identifying information before they can access their accounts in the novaSOC cloud-based management console. They do this by providing a code from an authentication app or sent to a mobile phone.

Multifactor Authentication With novaSOC

It's unrealistic to think that it's possible to stop all types of cybercrime. Making multifactor authentication a priority is simply the best security position.

novaSOC supports MFA by default for user authentication to the portal. Navigating your business is full of risks; security on the novaSOC portal shouldn't be one of them.