Managed Cloud Monitoring

Monitoring your footprint in the cloud as closely as your on-prem assets.

Managed Cloud Monitoring monitors cloud platforms and works to identify cloud risks while simplifying cloud security across IaaS and SaaS resources.

Managed Cloud Monitoring

According to Aqua Security's 2020 Cloud Native Threat Report, the rise in attacks against cloud systems began at the start of 2019. What's more, there was a 250% increase in attacks from the previous year.

During these attacks, hackers sought to obtain control over honeypot servers to deploy malicious container images.

Managed Cloud Monitoring monitors cloud platforms and works to identify cloud risks while simplifying cloud security across IaaS and SaaS resources. Besides, managed cloud monitoring will address the most critical challenges facing cybersecurity.

What is Managed Cloud Monitoring?

As more businesses are extending their network and security footprint to the cloud, it brings with it increased risks and exposure to cyber threats. Managed Cloud Monitoring from novaSOC is not only an excellent security solution but a critical line of defense.

Managed Cloud Monitoring provides insights into your infrastructure that includes your applications and network's performance, availability, and health. Manage Cloud Monitoring from novaSOC takes care of monitoring your cloud infrastructure completely to keep your network secure. We take care of security before you even know anything happened in a way that keeps all your data remains available and secure.

How It Works

novaSOC supports Azure Event Hub synchronization. It implements deep, stream-type integration that provides very detailed data on usage. Besides, it allows the streaming of millions of events from any source that builds a pipeline of dynamic data, making it simple to respond immediately to any business challenges.

NovaSOC's managed cloud monitoring uses a deep integration into the Azure ecosystem and an API system that doesn't require global admin-level rights but uses basic service account logins to provide data access.

The lower-level accounts let customers rest easier since few people have elevated access, which makes gaining access to it challenging for hackers, and that's a good thing.

Key usage indicators are monitored closely for location-based attacks, "impossible login" scenarios in addition to most of the standard SIEM events. SIEM at novaSOC uses best practices while providing innovative security for its customers.

Why Managed Cloud Monitoring?

Managed cloud monitoring is essential for today's cybersecurity landscape. It is the best way to address the challenges businesses are facing.

With Managed Cloud Monitoring from novaSOC, you can be confident that your business assets are well protected. novaSOC is ready to help you swiftly scale even if you're streaming megabytes of data to terabytes. It makes it simple to expand and keep control over when and how much.

novaSOC provides continual coverage seven days a week, 24 hours a day. It means its Managed Cloud Monitoring never takes a break. It includes threat intelligence that is ingested into its systems as it becomes available. At the same time, its security analysts are diligently monitoring alert data continually as well.