Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation allows service providers to manage their clients separately.

Customer Segmentation for service providers is a feature of novaSOC.

Customer Segmentation

novaSOC has been built from the ground up to help Managed Services Providers monitor their customers, their assets, and security risks. It brings the resources and visibility MSPs need to run their business.

In recent years, we have seen a lot of businesses moving to the cloud and that includes MSPs. Extending their services offerings to include a digital systems platform is now tenable for most MSPs

Besides, with so many MSPs moving to the cloud it makes sense to have a service operation center that is cloud-based. novaSOC comes in a multi-tenant dashboard that is easy to deploy on all endpoints.

Managing Clients

novaSOC is ready to inventory client assets out of the box and allows segmentation and filtering to create custom views of your customers and daily threats.

There are many filters available in the dashboard that assist in gaining specific visibility into threats, possible malware, adware, and more. You can also run reports that provide aggregated data. What’s more, you can use your own branding.

novaSOC For Every Business

Many MSPs are surprise by what novaSOC can do, when the vulnerabilities they aware of until they began to appear in alerts and reporting.

Managed security for many has been elusive for many due to the high price tag. novaSOC has been built with them in mind and makes enterprise-grade security a reality for every business.