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Good old antivirus, they said.

You Can Put Your Trust in NovaSOC Managed Antivirus


Managed Antivirus Even when your internal IT team thinks they are all set. Even if they’ve patched the Exchange Server, run Microsoft’s testing script, and got the all-clear result, your business can still be at risk.

According to Check Point Research (CPR), the number of businesses impacted by cyberattacks is continually increasing. Besides, since 2021 began, they say there has been an increase in cyberattacks of 43% and an increase of 93% year over year.

Adopting a Managed Antivirus service that covers you and your clients is the essential solution to ensure you’re leaving nothing to chance. What is Managed Antivirus? When a company, usually a managed services provider (MSP), takes over the management of antivirus installations and processes for another company the service is called Managed Antivirus.

It takes some of the load off your internal team by taking over the related tasks, while improving the Antivirus Services for all involved. Why Outsource Your Antivirus Management? Beyond implementing an antivirus solution and managing the software installations, upgrades, checking the logs and more your internal IT team has many priorities.

You know that the hackers are counting on this and waiting for their opportunity when some one misses something, and they are winning.

Your brand’s reputation is essential and the best way keep it intact is solid cyber hygiene. A system that includes threat intelligence, vulnerability management and a team that can tell you 24/7 where there are holes are in your existing system.

The team at NovaSOC have the experience and know what each alert and log entry represents. They can manage your antivirus and tell you the best way to reduce vulnerabilities for you and your clients.

You Can Put Your Trust in NovaSOC Managed Antivirus is just a piece of the puzzle that make up your cybersecurity defense system.