3rd Party Integrations

Use novaSOC the way that is most efficient and convenient for your organization.

novaSOC has several 3rd party integrations to be adaptable and convenient for bidirectional use with popular enterprise tools.

3rd Party Integrations

The novaSOC approach focuses on its core features rather than developing services that others have already mastered. Besides, it prefers to integrate with the tools and systems selected by our customers where possible instead of moving them to a system that tries to build everything into it. It's why novaSOC develops integrations for many products that fulfill almost every need, including functions such as workflow, ticketing, EDR, and many others.

Integrations We Include by Category

Our integrations fall into several categories to clarify what each one does. novaSOC adds new integrations with frequency.

Professional Services Automation Integrations

When customers use services automation suites for helpdesk, remote management, and others, novaSOC synchronizes the data for incident ticketing and software vulnerabilities. It also lets your internal support review them and respond accordingly depending on the environment where they are most productive.

Linking back to our portal isn't necessary or required – it imports the data to the environment you select. These are the PSA products currently supported by novaSOC:

  • ConnectWise

    ConnectWise offers a platform of software for MSPs to help them in areas such as their helpdesk and billing. They also provide a variety of other products.

  • Datto Autotask

    Datto Autotask is an intuitive and powerful cloud-based platform. It helps MSPs centralize their organizations' operations and make data-based decisions that help to improve productivity, service, and profitability.

  • ServiceNow

    ServiceNow lets MSPs deliver cross-enterprise digital workflows to connect functions, people, and systems that boost innovation, enhance productivity, increase agility.

  • SyncroMSP

    SyncroMSP is a platform for MSPs that combines RMM and PSA functionality such as credit card payments, invoicing helpdesk, customer management, remote access, automation, scripting, email marketing, and others.

Cloud Platform Integrations

NovaSOC currently supports Azure Event Hub synchronization that comes with a deep, stream-like integration that provides very detailed data usage. NovaSOC monitors key usage indicators such as location-based attacks, 'impossible login' scenarios, and most of the standard SIEM events.

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) integration

While the objective and scope of novaSOC may appear similar to EDR, it's not quite the same. Traditional EDR philosophy looks to block threats and then inform about what is blocked. With an observed 30% industry efficacy rate for blocked threats, there's more getting through.

novaSOC syncs with several popular EDR platforms and uses information about what's been found and blocked to investigate related threats and vectors further. With more data points, novaSOC can do more to increase coverage. Verifying and reconciling threats that EDR has blocked also acts as a health check of the system at large.

Currently, novaSOC supports integration with:

  • SentinelOne

    SentinelOne provides organizations such as MSPs single-agent enterprise-grade prevention, cloud, detection, response, and hunting across endpoint, and IoT coupled with critical automations.

  • Sophos

    Sophos provides integrations that let MSPs offer Endpoint Security and Control to their customers.

Other Integrations

NovaSOC is continually developing new integrations. If you don't see an integration your business may require, let us know so we can prioritize it to build an integration for it.