Enterprise-grade SOC-as-a-Service for everyone!

What is it?

novaSOC is a cloud-based Security Operations Center empowering MSPs to offer enterprise-grade security monitoring. This is SOCaaS.

Saas SOC

SOC as a Service

Value and efficiency—SOCaaS provides best in class coverage and can be deployed in minutes.

Expert Analysts

Real humans

Our team of SOC analysts are ready to investigate and provide guidance when needed.


Fresh threat intel

Sensitivity and accuracy using constantly update threat intel from multiple sources

Ticketing & Management Portal

Manage customers, agent installations, ticketing, research, vulnerabilities, and generate reports from the novaSOC Management Portal.

Zero Trust

Forget the perimeter

By using an innovative agent-based zero trust model that eschews conventional perimeter-based security models novaSOC can easily monitor all endpoints for virus, malware, ransomware, trojans, file-less threats, and incoming attacks over the network.



Data and analysis take place in a robust cloud-hosted architecture that uses little to no resources on the monitored local devices, ensuring your customers receive enterprise-grade service reliability, consistent uptime, and responses to incidents.